I provide disc jockey services for:

Weddings ◦  Birthday Parties  ◦ Graduations  ◦ Anniversaries  ◦ Holiday Parties  ◦            Harbor Cruises ◦  Christenings  ◦ Reunions  ◦ Corporate Functions ◦  Showers ◦                                                             Fundraisers ◦  Dances

Twenty-five years and hundreds of events have shown me that each client is different and every function I disc jockey is unique. For these reasons, I make sure my clients convey to me exactly what they are looking for so that I can meet and exceed their expectations. If I am working an anniversary party, I want to know the couple’s “special song”. If it’s a birthday party, I want to know what type of music the guest of honor enjoys. Each function brings its own feel and I try to build from that. Ultimately, I want your guests to leave feeling that they had the time of their lives.